Hi there…I’m Lisa!

I totally understand that working with a Personal Stylist is a very personal thing and you want to make sure it’s someone you’re going to “jive” with. That’s probably why you’ve landed on this page, right?

So, before we get into the “fun facts”, let’s get the professional stuff out of the way first shall we?

First of all, I want you to know I am NOT going to push my personal taste on you – my job is to help you create the wardrobe and style that is best for YOU and that you’re excited to wear.

I can do this because I have the ability (and have been told I do this REALLY well actually) to really “get” people and understand who they are on the inside and then help them show it off on the outside through
their clothing.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU – not about my love
for animal prints and bold jewellery.

Okay, what else?

Well, you may like to know that…

– Yes, I am a certified Image Consultant.

– I was also personally trained in NYC by Stacy London from TLC’s ‘What Not To Wear’.

– I have had my business since 2008, and have helped thousands on women (in person and online) sort out this style thing once and for all and build a wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy and fun.

So, what do you think? Think I’d make a good “Partner in Style?

If so, then check out the different ways I can help you & let’s chat about getting started.





Really? You still want to know more about me!? I’m blushing.

 Okay, since you asked…

Here are 10 random things.

1) I have never had a cup of coffee in my life and don’t drink alcohol. No, it has nothing to do with religious or moral beliefs or former addictions. I just don’t like the taste of either. Period. Tea and Diet Coke though? Now those are a problem for me.

PicMonkey Collage 2) I am married to my high school sweetheart who I broke up with when I was 19, and ran into again when I was 33. And now, I am the Mama of the cutest little baby boy and StepMom to the sweetest teenage girl.

3) I gained 60lbs while pregnant with that baby boy. Yep, 60! And I’m only 5’4″. I know! And yes, I am still working on losing some of that baby weight – feel free to e-mail me some tips.

4) Before starting my business in 2008, I worked as a TV Reporter, and throughout University, worked as a Fitness Instructor. I no longer watch the news and haven’t worked out in 2 years. I’m working on the latter though.

5) I have a freakish ability for remembering the words to almost any song that comes on the radio. My husband pretends to find it annoying, but I think he really finds it’s quite charming…so I will continue to do it.

6) I was raised by a single working Mom who is and will always be my best friend & biggest cheerleader. And my closest friends are still the same ones I made in grade school.

7) I LOVE bad reality TV. Not the competition type ones though. More like the “Real Housewives” or “Mobwives”. Love those ladies!

stacy8) I was one of the 1st two Canadian Stylists to be invited to be personally trained in NYC by Stacy London from What Not To Wear.

9) I don’t own one piece of black clothing. I know, shocking.

10) I am pretty good at getting rid of stuff and am not sentimental about clothing at all. Except my Brownie Uniform. How can you get rid of something so cute?! Oh, and the furry pink poncho I wore to the Oprah show that Oprah herself commented on how much she loved it and even touched it. Yeah, that’s going nowhere – that Oprah magic will hang in my closet forever.



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