Redefining Body Acceptance

This week I want to talk about something very different from my usual style tips & tricks, and it is a juicy topic – so be forewarned. Ready? Body Acceptance. For some women, “accepting your body” means LOVING it as is – being grateful for... read more

How to Layer Like a Pro

If you’ve been reading my blog or taken any of my online programs, you’ll know that layering is one of my fave styling tricks because they add that little bit of extra somethin’ somethin’ to your overall look (beyond just a single top and... read more

Will you be my next Jennifer?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner for this Canadian gal, I couldn’t help but reflect on what I am thankful for right now. You know, the obvious things like the health & happiness of those I love, free healthcare, and of course, the invention of... read more
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