A few of my favourite…Fall 2015 Trends



Holy Moly! Can you believe it’s September already?

While some people may already be mourning the soon to be end of Summer, I am actually super excited! Why?

Fall happens to be my absolute FAVE time of year. Sure, I love the weather, the changing colours on the trees, but most of all, I LOVE the Fall fashion season!

And I’m not sure if you’ve been in the stores lately, but the Fall fashions are already arriving and I’ve been drooling over them the past couple weeks while out shopping with my one-on-one clients.

And today, I am going to tell you my top 3 favourite Fall trends.

Whether you’re into “trends” or not, there is something here for everyone. And out of the three, there is bound to be one that will interest you.

Wanna know what they are AND get some ideas on how to wear them? Check it out.

Plaid: Sexy, edgy, or classic…plaid has the power to create all three vibes depending on how you wear it. Some of my fave options are a fitted pencil skirt (sexy), a cool lumber print plaid jacket (edgy), or a simple plaid scarf (classic).

Fringe: Though it may seem fringe is primarily a Boho type trend, there are so many ways you can make this work for you no matter what your personal style is. Do it with a handbag, shoes, or go all out Boho with a funky vest.

Marsala: AKA, a deep wine colour. This is THE colour of the year and it’s very obvious when you look around the shops. It’s also one of those colours that look great on many skin tones. If that’s you, go for it in a pretty sweater or blouse. If you’re not sure if it’s your best colour, go for a pair of skinny pants or a pair of shoes.

So, what do you think?

Can you see yourself wearing at least one of the Fall 2015 trends? I hope so.

Trends get a bad rap sometimes, like they are cheap or fast fashion, but really, they are really just about being “current” and a way to have fun with fashion and change your wardrobe up season to season.

So, I hope you’ll give at least one of them a try this season.

To help you out, I created a FREE mini guide showing the above mentioned trends and outfits, so you can print it off or save it to your phone and refer to it while out shopping.

You can sign up HERE to get it.

And if you’re worried about how to make it work in your current wardrobe and get more than one outfit of of your new trend, come join me for my “Lucky 13 Method” webinar this Saturday, September 5th @ 11am EST where I will show you how to create more than 60 looks using just 13 pieces! Click HERE to sign up.

Oh, and if you can’t make it live, no worries. I will be sending out a replay, but you have to sign up to get on the list for me to send it to you.

Hope to see you there!In the meantime…

Happy Styling!


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Do This ONE Thing To Stop Stressing About What To Wear

onethingforfacebook How many times has this happened to you?

You stand there staring at a closet full of clothes, bored of wearing the same things day in and day out – feeling like you have nothing to wear.

One day though, you decide things will be different…and you are going to try something new.

Then you spot that pair of pants you bought months ago (you know, the ones with the tags still attached?) and decide “it’s time” –  you’re going to give them a go. The only problem? You have no idea what to wear with them.

So, you spend the next 15 minutes trying on top after top trying to find something that works with them. But nothing seems to look quite “right”. At this point, you’re not only starting to stress out because you’re running late, but you’re frustrated and angry with yourself.

Frustrated because you can’t seem to make these damn pants work. And angry you wasted your money on them in the first place.

I get it.

The good news is, there is an answer.

The #1 thing standing between you and stress free, confident style is planning.

No, I’m not talking about planning your outfit the night before. Who really wants to do that?

What I’m talking about is creating a wardrobe of pieces that work well with one another – pieces that can be mixed and matched with one another to create a variety of looks.

It’s called a Wardrobe Capsule, and yes, it takes some work to create one in the first place, but once you devote the time upfront, getting dressed on a daily basis becomes so much easier. And so does shopping!

You’ll save tons of time, money, and stress.

And the best part? You’ll feel confident knowing you always look great every time you walk out the door without having to guess if something “works”.

Want to learn how to create a Wardrobe Capsule?

Then I have some great news for you!

I’m hosting a FREE ‘Lucky 13’ Webinar next week where I am going to show you how to take 13 pieces and create more than 2 months worth of outfits!

It’s happening Tuesday, September 1st (yeah, this coming Tuesday!) and you can register HERE.

Now, I highly encourage you to be there live as there will be some sweet surprises, but if you can’t make it live, I will send you the replay.

In the meantime, I have a fun challenge for you.

I want you to create a mini wardrobe capsule using 1 of your fave pieces in your closet.

Here’s how you do it…

All you need to do is pick 1 bottom that you already own, and then choose 3 tops that you can wear with that 1 bottom to create a variety of looks. Or flip it and pick 1 top and 3 bottoms.

Maybe you want to do a work, weekend, and night out look. Or maybe all work or all weekend. It’s totally up to you!


Once you’ve got your three outfits, think about add on’s to take your look to the next level for each outfit.

Imagine the endless possibilities when you add things like different layers, scarves, jewellery, and footwear.


Sure, it takes some planning in the first place to get this done, but once you do it, you can stop stressing on a daily basis about what to wear.

Imagine how amazing that would feel?!

Now imagine if you could take a weekend to plan your wardrobe for an entire season? It’s possible when you learn MY secret ‘Lucky 13’ Method for creating a Wardrobe Capsule. A Wardrobe Capsule that is unique to you, your personal style, and your lifestyle.

So, are you ready to learn how to make the most of your wardrobe and shop smarter?

Ready to stop stressing about what to wear everyday AND feel confident in your clothing every time you walk out the door?

Of course you are!

So, sign up HERE and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

In the meantime…

Happy Styling!





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The One Thing Preventing You From Style Success

rlquotefacebookLast week, I talked about taking a risk with your clothing choices. When getting dressed, when shopping, when trying new things. And I want to continue the discussion about that this week because I think it’s so important!

I constantly hear from so many women women who are stuck in a rut when it comes to their clothing and have no idea how to get out of it.

Saying things like…

“I’d love to wear fill in the blank, but I don’t think I can pull it off.”

“I want to try new styles but I’m scared of making a mistake and looking silly.”

“I wish I could come up with new outfit ideas but I’m not very creative when it comes to doing that.”

All of which pretty much boil down to a fear of failure. And that fear can be so consuming for some, that they don’t even try.

Can you relate?

If so, let me help!

I have a super fun (and FREE) week long style challenge happening next week called the Truth & Dare Style Challenge.

When you sign up, I will send you a daily e-mail with a style dare for the day to help gently nudge you out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too scary and you can choose how far to go with each dare depending on your comfort level.

t&d capture

Oh, and there will be lots of fun style swag awarded to those who participate the most. It’s a Win Win!

So, what do you say…are you in?

You’ve got nothing to lose.

Well, except maybe some style ruts and a fear of failure. :-)


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When was the last time you took a risk?


Since I started my business in 2009, I have worked with women from all walks of life and of all sizes and ages. The majority of my clients have been 30 and up but once in a while I get a younger client (late teens to early 20’s), and I have to admit the difference is fascinating and I love it.

Not because they have easier bodies to dress or look good in everything. In fact, most of the young women I have worked with have body image issues or harder to dress bodies (that’s why their parents have hired me in the first place – because they can’t take the shopping mall meltdowns anymore).

But the reason I love working with younger women?

More often than not, they are willing to try new things!

They aren’t so set in their ruts ways yet, or worried as much about what others will think about them if they do something “different”. In fact, most of the time they want to be a little different. They don’t want to blend in. They are willing to take some risks.

I love that!

When was the last time you “took a risk” with your clothing?

A new colour. A new pattern. A new style.

The Fall season is around the corner so it’s the perfect time to do it – and I want to help!

Have a look around and see what’s out there right now that appeals to you.

Maybe it’s plaid? Flared jeans? Some fringe?


I want you to pick a current trend (or just something you’ll always been attracted to but too scared to try), and think about how you can make it work for you.

And if you get stuck, come on over to my Facebook Page and ask me how you could make it work for your particular age, shape, and/or lifestyle. I’d love to help you out and give you the gentle nudge you need to try something new and have some fun with fashion!

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

Speaking of, I have a week long challenge coming up called the Truth & Dare Style Challenge.

Truth & Darechallenge3 (2)

I ran it back in the Spring and it was super popular and SO. MUCH. FUN.

So of course, I had to do it again!

It’s completely FREE to take part and I would love to see you there.

You can get more details and sign up here.

In the meantime,

Happy Styling!





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Are you ‘Age Appropriate’? I hope not!

Are you being _Age Appropriate__ (2)

Today I want to talk about something that really annoys me almost as much as solicitors knocking on my front door when my Son is napping (even though I have a sign on my front door that says “No Soliciting. Baby is sleeping.”)

For real.

Side note: If you want people to stop knocking on your door trying to sell you stuff, you should make a “No Soliciting. Baby is sleeping.” sign…it works most of the time.

Okay,back to my original annoyance…

So, earlier this week I was reading a post on a very popular online fashion site.

It was about “Dressing Your Age” and included comments from real women about the items they stopped wearing at a certain age.


This is something that has always gotten me riled up – that your age should dictate whether you can wear a particular item or not. I mean seriously, do we still live in the “women over a certain age shouldn’t have long hair era” as well?

Now to be fair, some of the reasons the women gave for retiring certain pieces was because their body changed and they didn’t feel comfortable in the particular item. Fair enough.

But as I was reading along, I read about a woman who said she stopped wearing halter dresses at 30. And another woman who at 25 said she was too old to wear bright nail polish!

One woman who was interviewed and said she no longer wore a certain item said it was because “I felt it was the age-appropriate thing to do.”

I recently even had a new client tell me at 54 she was too old to wear jeans. What the what?!

Appropriate is bringing a hostess gift to a dinner party or thanking someone when they hold the door open for you. It’s not about NOT wearing certain things because it’s “the right thing to do”.

Of course there are inappropriate things to wear at certain times. Like white to someone’s wedding or a strapless top to the office. Or pretty much anything Kim Kardashian wears anytime.

Seriously though, to base what is appropriate or not on your age? I have to disagree.

It’s all about how you style/wear the item that counts.

Of course a short skirt on a 20 year old is going to look very different on a 50 year old – they are most likely going to wear different styles of short skirts and style the rest of their outfit around their short skirt very differently.

For example, in my Effortless Style Kit, I list the 15 Must Have Pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe, then I break down each of those 15 pieces into 3 different looks so you can see the variety of ways one item can be worn. Obviously, based on your age, lifestyle, personal style, and body shape, you’re going to wear pieces differently than someone else.

For example, one of those items happens to be a pair of distressed or lighter washed jeans and the pic below is taken right from the ‘Mix List’ in the Effortless Style Kit.

light denim

In the ‘Mix List‘, I make sure to not only show the different styles of distressed/light wash jeans, but also the different ways they can be styled into different looks. There is something there for every age, shape, and personal style. That’s what style is all about! Not banishing an entire type of clothing based on your age!

Seriously, when did getting dressed and having fun with fashion and style become so serious with so many rules?

Wear what works for you!

Wear what you love!

Wear what excites you!

I get it – it’s easier said than done if you know what works for you, what you love, and what excites you.

But what if you don’t?

Have you ever worried if you were dressed “age appropriately” or not? Or been afraid of wearing something “wrong” and looking silly?

If so, I really encourage you to check out the Effortless Style Kit where I have done all the work for you – listing the pieces that will work for every woman (no matter what the age!), and showing you a variety of ways to wear those pieces.


It was only released a couple of months ago and already women from all over the world, with all different lifestyles, of all different ages and shapes are LOVING it!

Women like Judy…

“I am so delighted and pleased with myself for making the choice to learn from Lisa! Without hesitation, I recommend The Effortless Style Kit to everyone, every age, and body type! Get ready for the compliments!” – Judy

Now the only question is, are you ready?




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Sundresses for Women: How to Choose a Sundress that Flatters

Sundresses for Women PinterestThe heat is on, the sun’s shining, and it’s the season for one of my fave items…sundresses!

Cheery colours.

Pretty prints.

Funky designs.

Sassy styles.

Yep, a sundress is a Summer style statement and super easy to wear.

You can dress it up with heels or play it casual with flats. You can pair a hat for an Audrey-esque touch or go with a head scarf for a  Boho vibe.

See, a sundress is what every summer wardrobe needs at least one of, if not more.  It’s a definite must have. (Psst…head here to know what the 3 other summer style must-haves I recommend are).

And if you’ve known me for a while, you know my fashion philosophy is quite simple: Your style is all about YOU and not about my current obsession with the sundress. 😉

So, in that spirit of styling with YOU being front & center, I want to share some style tips to keep in mind when choosing a sundress that will flatter your best features easily.

1. When to Choose the Wrap-Style Sundress

The wrap-style sundress is perfect for women who have an hourglass shape or if you have a narrow waist and want to show it off, because it nips in at the waist and falls fluidly around curves.


Oh, speaking of shape, here is my ONE tip to dress right for your body shape. 😉


2.Should You Opt for an A-Line Sundress?

An A-Line sundress is a classic and helps show off your shape but at the same time, slim it down too.

It’s a Win-Win!


That’s why it’s a fave among women with fuller hips and thighs (if you have a Triangle shaped body that is fuller on the bottom half).

Just make sure you don’t go for a style cut too wide or it will make you look bigger than you actually are. You want something that just skims over the hips.


3. Maxi or Mini Sundress for Simple Style

A maxi sundress is great if you want to add volume and curves to your lower half.


It’s also a great choice if you want to conceal heavier legs. Pair it with flat sandals and you have a super stylish  and comfy summer outfit in a flash.

Minis are great if you’re petite, or you have stunning legs to show off (very common for the “Diamond” body shape).


4. Consider Collars, Necks and Waists

Finally, consider if you’d like to show off your totally toned arms with a sleeveless or strappy sundress. If your shoulders and back are your best features, highlight them with a halter sundress.


An open collar or V-neck sundress will be perfect for you if you have a smaller chest or bust.

Want to be a little sassy and show off some décolletage? Go for a sexy strappy style.

See?! The sundress is so versatile that you can easily choose a style that is so YOU!

Ready to shop for one? These are my fave places to shop for clothes – maybe you’ll find one here.

Now I want to know…do you have a sundress that flatters your features? What style is it? Share with me below.

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“Lazy Day” Style

lazydaystyleIt’s been another crazy week for me with client appointments, so when I had a day off yesterday and the weather was co-operating, I decided it was the perfect time to take a trip to the local park with my Son.

This particular park has an awesome playground and splash pad, so needless to say, it was full of Moms (and a few Dad’s) soaking up the fun with their kiddies, but there was one Mom that stood out for me – in a good way.

I’m sure you have noticed this same woman as well. Well, not the EXACT same woman unless you were at the same park as I was yesterday, but the same “kind of woman.” :-)

She didn’t stand out because was the prettiest, the thinnest, or even the most youthful – but she just looked cool. 

She was wearing a simple white tank top with a pair of black yoga pants that had some ruching details down the sides of the legs, some metallic Birkenstocks, and a little straw fedora hat. Oh, and she was carrying a fun floral printed tote. Her outfit was simple but looked effortlessly stylish.

I’m willing to bet you’ve admired the same type of woman, right? The one who always looks put together and cool, and super confident in her clothing.

You CAN be that woman!

Whether it’s at the park, picking up the kids from school, or running around doing your weekend shopping/errands…

Here are some of my fave options:

  • Go for a pair of fitted yoga pants/leggings with a cute longer top, either a fun slightly off the shoulder style in a great colour/print or a simple tank with an open denim shirt over top.
  • Make sure one of the pieces are in a fun print or “great for you” colour. Depending on your shape and what you are comfortable with will depend on whether you go for a print/colour on the bottom or top half of your body.
  • If yoga pants aren’t your thing, a pair of jogger/drawstring pants with a cool fitted graphic tee or printed tank is a great option as well.
  • I would then add a simple chain necklace, lightweight scarf (if it’s not too hot), or a cool hat (like the stylish playground Mom) as a simple “finishing” piece.


See? There is such a thing as Effortless Style!

If you’d like some more “done for you” outfit ideas so you can always look effortlessly stylish and stop stressing about what to wear, then you should check out my “Effortless Style Kit” where I share with you my 15 Must Have pieces for every woman and exactly how to style them.

I just introduced it in last month and it’s been getting rave reviews ever since!

“People need the Effortless Style Kit. Like, everyone!  It has EVERYTHING you need to have a solid style base – it’s so complete. You’ll print it, save it, and use it everyday.”  -Marie-Josee

So, if you’re looking to take the stress out of getting dressed, check it out here.

In the meantime,

Happy Styling!



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The BEST Tip for Dressing Your Body Shape


As a Personal Stylist, I have never come across a client who hasn’t had some sort of issue or negative feeling towards some part of their body – and I have worked with every shape and size of client, from a double zero to a size eighteen.

It is no secret that as women, we can be pretty hard on ourselves about our bodies.

By the way, I always ask my clients to list their 3 favourite and least favourite physical features, and time after time, they can easily list the ones they don’t like, but really struggle with coming up with the ones they do like.

Today, we are going to change that though.

Say it with me sister…

Alright, are you ready for this?

Watch the video below to get going…


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A Sneaky Styling Trick to Know Which Colours Go Together

how to mix and match different colours

Have you ever struggled mixing and matching colours in your outfits – especially when one of your pieces has multiple colours in it and you don’tfeel like pairing it with a neutral. Or have you ever wanted to try a new colour combination but not sure what “works”?

Check out my video below for  a sneaky styling trick to know which colours go together.




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Hate shopping for clothes? Then you need to go here!


If you hate shopping for clothes, then I have a great option for you that may just change that.

Especially if you get easily overwhelmed with shopping, or just don’t have the time or patience to wander from store to store in the mall looking for what you need.

The answer?

Shopping at Discount Department Stores.

I can see you rolling your eyes already because that’s the same response I get from my clients when I suggest it to them as well. But stay with me here…

discount department stores

In North America we have places like Winners, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls (but I am sure these types of stores exist worldwide), which carry great brand names at lower prices. That’s one reason I love them so much but the main reason is they are an “easy” place to shop. Seriously.

Now, if you have no idea what you are looking for they may not be the best best. BUT if you have an idea of what you want to buy, they are amazing!

For example, let’s say you want some new sleeveless tops for Summer.

Option #1 is to go to the mall, wander from store to store looking for sleeveless tops and having to search throughout each store (because the sleeveless tops will be scattered throughout the store), until you find some you like.


Option #2 is to go to the discount department store, head to the section labelled “Sleeveless Tops”, go to the area within the Sleeveless Top section that carries your size, and visually scan that section for colours or prints/patterns you like. Done.

Which shopping option sounds easier to you?

I know I don’t always have time for Option #1 and that’s why I LOVE shopping discount department stores. Sure, there may be fewer options, but if you are someone who easily gets overwhelmed with the choices when shopping (and I know there are a lot of you out there), less can be more!

So, the next time you have a specific item(s) to shop for, try out your local discount department store – I am willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is!

And if you have no idea what you need when it comes to clothing and are looking for some guidance, you should totally check out my new “Effortless Style Kit“!


The Effortless Style Kit is a digital download that includes the McLatchie Must Have’s (the 15 items every woman should have in their wardrobe…by the way, there are no LBD’s or trench coats mentioned), and complete head to toe outfit ideas for each Must Have as well as shopping links for each piece shown (in case you happen to see something you really love).

You can find out all about it (and get it) HERE.

In the meantime,

Happy Shopping!


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