Because it means you’re finally ready to…

STOP playing small with your style and blending in with the crowd.

STOP throwing your money away on clothes you don’t end up wearing (or maybe worse, clothes you don’t even really like but you wear them anyway).

STOP wasting your time shopping for new clothes only to end up more overwhelmed & frustrated than when you started.

STOP worrying about what to wear every day (you’ve got better things to use your energy and brain power on).

Which means you’re ready to…

START to have your own unique Personal Style – one that gets you noticed and comes with daily compliments.

START spending your money ONLY on pieces that reflect your unique Personal Style, make you look and feel great, can be mixed and matched with one another to create a variety of outfits, and that you are excited to wear.

START experiencing the ease that comes from always knowing what to wear.

START feeling confident in your clothing every single day.

Sounds amazing, right? Let’s get started…

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I want to help you create a wardrobe and style that is best for YOU – what is going to make you feel like you (but a better styled version!), that works for your lifestyle and needs, and is perfect for your unique physical characteristics.

Let’s be clear – I’m not a “Fashion Blogger” or “Instagram Superstar” and I rarely have the time or inclination to take an outfit selfie (though every Business Coach I’ve ever talked to always tells me I should be doing more…URGH!).

I’m a Personal Stylist living in the Greater Toronto Area working who works with women all over Ontario (and now the world through my virtual services and programs!) to help them define and refine their personal style, makeover their wardrobe, and feel more confident in their clothes.

I’ve had my business as a Personal Stylist since 2008 and am a certified Image Consultant who was personally chosen to train with Stacy London from TLC’s ‘What Not To Wear’. Yes, THAT Stacy London!

As a busy working Mom, I know what it’s like to juggle motherhood, family responsibilities, and a business and profession all at the same time – it’s exhausting!

I also know that taking the time for self care and feeling good about how you look can feel like one more “to do” on your long list of responsibilities, but I believe that clothing and how you choose to dress yourself is a major form of self care that has a magical positive effect across so many areas of your life.

Let me show you how…



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