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Which 2020 Fashion Trends are BEST for your body?
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Getting dressed can be easy, fast, and fun!



– you have a closet full of clothes and still feel like you have nothing to wear

– you’re tired of wearing the same boring outfits on repeat

– your wardrobe no longer works for your new body, lifestyle, or career



– you don’t know what to even look for or where to shop anymore

– when you finally find something that “might” work, it never fits quite right

– you worry about wasting more money on clothes you never end up wearing


What if instead, you could have a closet full of clothes you love, that fit you properly, and that all went with one another to create outfits you were excited to wear?!


Let’s do this thing…. ↓


Since 2009 I’ve been helping women discover their Personal Style, clean out their closets, update their wardrobes, and have fun getting dressed & putting outfits together.

And I’d love to do the same for you!

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be like an episode of ‘What Not To Wear‘ (even though I did train with Stacy London!). I promise not to toss out your entire wardrobe or make fun of your clothing. Pinky Swear.

Actually, my clients often say they’re relieved how approachable and unpretentious I am (I’m blushing), and that their time with me feels like “hanging out with their new BFF who also happens to be a Style expert”.

My favourite part of my job is seeing women light up when they see themselves in that new head to toe outfit for the first time and have the realization that they CAN love how they look in their clothes!

On a personal note, I’m also a Wife and Mama living in the suburbs who still likes to dress like I’m living in the big city. 

I love the Real Housewives shows (don’t judge, it’s how I turn my brain off), peanut butter (eat it everyday!), and learning about sustainable style.


The Quiz

Which 2020 FASHION TRENDS are 

Best for Your Body Shape?

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"I now LOVE getting dressed in the morning, it's so fun! And for the first time ever, I actually enjoy shopping." - Megan

"I had one of my Mom friends stop dead in her tracks today when she saw me - she had to ask if it was really me! Then she said I looked GORGEOUS! So, Outfit #1 is a success." - Jennifer


"I am loving my new clothes and your inspiration about mixing prints. To say that I am excited about clothes again is an understatement. I feel like I am looking at clothes in a new way."
- Stephanie

"This past weekend went above and beyond my expectations and I just wanted to thank you for everything. The Lookbook is amazing! I love it! Honestly, thank you so much." - Julie