3 Office Appropriate (and comfortable!) Outfit Ideas

3 Office Appropriate (and comfortable!) Outfit Ideas


Whether you work at home and have the occasional client appointment OR you work outside of the home in a traditional office setting – dressing for work can be a bummer.

Besides having to navigate how to dress professionally while also staying true to your personal style, there’s also the problem of trying to find something comfortable to wear.


After all, you spend a lot of your time at work and you also likely spend the majority of that time sitting in one spot (not to mention more sitting while commuting to work and back), so you want to be comfortable in your clothes – literally.

That’s why I want to share with you 3 of my top outfit ideas for work that are not only office appropriate, but comfortable as well.


Three office appropriate outfit ideas. Outfit ideas for work that are also comfortable to wear. #outfitsforwork #businesscasual #workwardrobe


1. Tailored Pants + Longer Top

When I say tailored pants, I mean a very slim leg style (almost skinny) that has some stretch for comfort – just make sure they are in an office appropriate print or a darker colour that works for the office.

Now, if they are super skinny with no zipper or button closure at the waist, you will want to treat these like leggings, so make sure your top is long enough to cover your crotch and bum.

Then just add a pair of heels and some jewellery to dress it up.


2. Shift Dress + Long Vest

A shift dress (or an A-line style) is about as comfy as they come without adding extra bulk to your frame.

Add a long tailored vest and some cool shoes that reflect your personality and voila – funky and functional!


3. Belted Kimono + Knit Skirt

Starting with a straight or skinny knit skirt (knee length or midi length) add a fitted top and then layer a kimono style jacket over top of that.

Belt the kimono jacket to add some tailored shape to your outfit and pair with some cute booties and accessories and you are good to go!



Three office appropriate outfit ideas. Outfit ideas for work that are also comfortable to wear. #outfitsforwork #businesscasual #workwardrobe #tailoredpantsandlongtop #longvestwithdress #kimonoasablazer


There you have it – 3 comfy but totally office appropriate looks you can start wearing right now.

And if something doesn’t feel like your style, just play around with it until it does.

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Happy Styling!




P.S. If you want some help creating an entire comfy, but appropriate work wardrobe, check out my Winners Shopping Sessions, Capsule Wardrobe Styling, or Sort, Shop, & Style service  I’d be happy to help you out!


3 Tips for Creating an Outfit Formula

3 Tips for Creating an Outfit Formula


Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. That female Art Director from NYC who wore the same thing to work for 3 years.

They all at some point decided that life would be easier if they just wore the same thing every single day. 

And to be honest, they’re not wrong.

Life for sure would be easier if you didn’t have to stress (or even think!) about what to wear every day. 

But resorting to wearing the EXACT. SAME. OUTFIT. every day?! 

I have a better (and less boring) idea…

What about an “Outfit Formula”?

Three tips for creating an outfit formula. Personal Style that works for you.

It’s way more fun and still let’s you express who you are through your clothing…but it also helps making getting dressed (and shopping!) so much easier and stress free!

Want to know how to do it?

Watch my latest video below with my ‘3 Tips for Creating an Outfit Formula’.



P.S. If you’re looking for some help creating your own Outfit Formula, click here to get in touch and I’ll let you know how we can work together to make it happen. 🙂

5 Steps To Take Before You Go Shopping For New Spring Clothes

5 Steps To Take Before You Go Shopping For New Spring Clothes

Spring has officially sprung!

And with warmer weather just around the corner, you’ve likely been thinking about getting out there and doing some shopping for some new Spring clothes.

But before you head out to the stores and become mesmerized by all the fun prints, colours, and styles (not to mention spending a ton of cash on new pieces that may or may not work with your current wardrobe), let’s start with some planning first, okay?


Five steps to take before shopping for new Spring clothes. How to create a shopping plan. #shoppingstrategy #wardrobeaudit


I am all about a shopping strategy and planning your purchases.

Now, of course I believe one of the best ways to do that is to hire a Personal Stylist to help you objectively assess your wardrobe, create a style plan for you, and help you with your shopping.

But if that’s not in your budget or the right fit for you right now…

Here are 5 steps to take before you go shopping for new Spring clothing (or any new seasonal wardrobe pieces):


1) Take all of your Spring clothes OUT of your closet and lay them on your bed or a rolling rack.

Taking them out of your closet is important because you need to be able to have a “bigger picture” view of everything together to see what you have, what you like, and what you are no longer interested in.

Speaking of…

If there are pieces you hate, will never fit into again, or are damaged beyond repair, remove them from your room now (donate the pieces you no longer like and will never fit again, and toss the ones that are damaged).


Five steps to take before shopping for new Spring clothes. How to create a shopping plan. #jumpsuit #shoppingstrategy #wardrobereview

2) Now, looking at what’s left – pick out the items that you are instantly drawn to and “can’t wait” to wear this Spring.

Maybe it’s a super colourful top, funky jumpsuit, or favourite pair of strappy shoes – set aside ALL of the pieces you love and are excited to wear, and put them in one spot.







3) Using those pieces that you love, try and create 6-10 head to toe outfits for Spring.


I know this sounds easier than it actually is, but play around with it and see what you can come up with. If you need help, use a site like Pinterest or Google to get some inspiration and your creative juices flowing.

For example, maybe you have a pair of olive coloured cargo jeans you love to wear but are uninspired about what to pair them with.

Go to Pinterest and search “cargo jean outfit” and see what comes up. You may discover some cute outfits pairing cargo jeans with a denim shirt (which you already own but had never before thought about wearing with your cargo jeans!). Voila, now you have a new outfit idea!

From there, you can then search for denim shirt outfit ideas. Maybe you’ll discover some cute new outfit ideas for wearing that with some things you already own too!

Then just keep going.



4) As you are going through the outfit creation/research process, make sure to have a pen and paper close by.

As you are trying to put outfits together using what you already have or checking out outfit ideas on Pinterest, make notes of “missing pieces” that you need to make a complete outfit using your current items.

Using the same example above of the denim shirt with the cargo jeans – maybe the outfit you saw on Pinterest showed the denim shirt casually half tucked into the cargo jeans with a funky statement belt peeking through. If that’s something you like, make a note of that on your shopping list.



5) Think about the finishing touches.

So, let’s say you have done all of the above and put together some cute outfits already, but you want to take your outfit to the next level.

Well, the best way to do that is with cool shoes, accessories like jewellery and belts, and lightweight layering pieces like cool vests, jackets or scarves.


Five steps to take before shopping for new Spring clothes. Finishing touches for an outfit. #shoppingstrategy #wardrobeaudit #statementpieces


So, have a look at your pieces and the outfits you’ve created (or are going to create once you get the additional pieces) and start to brainstorm what finishing touch items you could add that would work for a lot of them – so you get more mileage out of a piece as opposed to it only going with one outfit.



I know all of this may feel like a lot of work in the beginning, but in the long run it is going to save you SO MUCH money, time, and stress.

– It’s going to save you money because you will only be buying the things you need or REALLY want/love instead of just randomly purchasing items that end up never getting worn because they don’t go with anything you already own.

– It’s going to save you time when it comes to shopping because you know what you are looking for and not wandering around the mall or boutiques looking for inspiration to jump out at you.

– And it’s going to save you from the daily stress of feeling like you never have anything to wear.

So, take some time on the weekend – go to your closet, turn on some fun music, and use the steps I listed above and get planning.

Then, enjoy your Spring shopping and get excited about the fun and functional wardrobe you’re going to create!




P.S. If you just can’t bear doing this on your own, do it with a friend! Or if you want a professional to help, check out my Winners Shopping Sessions or Sort, Shop, & Style service. I’d be happy to help you out!


7 Tips for Wearing Statement Earrings

7 Tips for Wearing Statement Earrings


Do you love statement earrings but are always worried about looking overdressed?

Or what style to choose?

Not sure what to wear them with?

Seven ways for wearing statement earrings. Tip on how to pick the best earring and what to wear it with. #statementearring #accessories #jewellery #bigearrings


I understand…

You love the look of them but you worry about looking “too much”.

And if you finally get up the courage up to wear bold earrings, what about the rest of your outfit? 

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Watch this video to get my top 7 Tips for Wearing Statement Earrings – perfect for beginners.



And afterwards, make sure you come on over to my free Style Society Facebook Group to let me know which tip you found most helpful and/or show me your statement earring selfie!

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone When It Comes To Your Style

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone When It Comes To Your Style

“I really love it, and it looks great on her…but I could never wear it.”

I hear comments like this from women ALL. THE. TIME.

Have you ever said something like that too?

How many times have you said a piece of clothing, outfit idea, or style is “off limits” to you because of some preconceived notion about what you should and should not wear?

Okay, let’s fix that today.

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. Small steps to take your style to the next level. #newstyle #trynewthings #wardrobemakeover


Let’s pretend for a teeny tiny second that you never heard those “rules” or better yet – they never even existed in the first place.

Now what?

Would you now consider trying that piece of clothing, outfit, or style?

Still not sure?

That’s okay. Those “rules” are buried deep.

Want to know the secret to getting started though?

Start small.

For example, let’s say you see a cute dress you love but think it’s maybe “too much” for your current lifestyle or you need a special occasion to wear it.

Well then just dress it down!

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. Small steps to take your style to the next level. How to take a dressy look and make it more casual. #newstyle #trynewthings #wardrobemakeover


Pair it with a casual jean jacket, ankle boots, and some simple jewellery.

Then when it’s time to dress it up, you can always up the WOW factor with a dressier layer, some bolder jewellery and footwear, and a funky handbag.

Or let’s say you like the edgy biker chic look but feel nervous about experimenting with it in your quiet rural town.

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. #bikerbabe #bikerchic #wardrobemakeover

You don’t have to go all out Biker Babe you know! Just add a touch of it to your style with a studded leather bag or cool studded footwear.

Now, one of the biggest ones I hear about when I am working with my one-on-one clients is colour.

So many women are attracted to colour (and they will even decorate their homes with it painting their rooms bright colours and buying big expensive pieces of furniture and accessories in bold colours!). But when it comes to their wardrobes, they’re full of black and other neutrals because they’re too nervous to wear any other colours.

If this sounds like you, I’ll say it again…

Start Small.

If you love bright pink but aren’t ready for it in a sweater, go for a chunky necklace or scarf with hints of bright pink instead.

Or maybe even a handbag!

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. How to add small pops of colour to your wardrobe. #colour #colourfuloutfit #wardrobemakeover

Listen, I get it…

When it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone, it can feel scary.

What if I do it wrong and look silly? What if somebody says something?

But just for a minute, I would love for you to consider the alternative (aka the potential positive, not the potential negative).

What if you don’t do it “wrong” and trying this new thing made you feel beautiful, excited, and confident in your clothes and how you look?

What if you spent the day getting compliments?

And what if you encouraged just one other woman who saw YOU doing it, to be brave enough herself to just wear what she wants to wear already – without worrying about being judged. #thatwouldbeawesome!

Enough is enough people.

Wear what you want.

It’s that simple.

I don’t care if you think you’re too this or too that…just wear the damn clothes already! 

And if you’re too nervous to jump right in, remember you can always…

Start Small.

After all, the smallest changes can lead to the biggest ones over time.


If you ARE ready to jump right in and make some bigger changes but are not sure where to start, let’s chat. 🙂 

I open up a limited amount of spaces each month for women in the Greater Toronto Area to jump on a call with me for a Style Discovery Session to see how I can help them feel more confident and comfortable in their clothes, and I’d love to schedule one with you!

Just message me at lisa@lisamclatchie.com or click here to message me and I will let you know what I have available.

I can’t wait to chat with you!

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