Style Self Care: Small Steps That Lead To Big Wardrobe Wins

Style Self Care: Small Steps That Lead To Big Wardrobe Wins

I bet like many of us, you have a running list of “shoulds” in your head.

And when it comes to your wardrobe and clothing, maybe some of these ones sound familiar…

  • I should tackle my closet once and for all.
  • I should get dressed for the day even though I feel like staying in my yoga clothes.
  • I should figure out why I can’t seem to get out the door without leaving the bed piled high with rejects.
  • I should figure out what I’m doing with those suits I used to wear to work.
  • I should be able to put a decent outfit together by now.
  • I should get those shoe repairs done so I can wear them again.

(Feel free to substitute the word should with have to, need to, or ought to.)

Any way you say it though, it sounds like a stressor that’s ready to ruin your mood.

Don’t worry, I get it.

Things may not be the way you’d like them to be, but talking to yourself like you’re “less than” for not having it all together or comparing yourself to seemingly perfect images on Pinterest or Instagram is not going to help anything.

So, how do we get past it?

Well, the first step involves a little bit of reflection…

style self care, style makeover

When you look underneath the should statement, do you see what the actual desire is?

Maybe it’s to have more ease, time for yourself, or pleasure?

Remove the should and focus on the desire.

For example…

  • I’d like more order in my closet.
  • I’d like a few well-put-together outfits.
  • I’d like to wear these shoes again.
  • I’d like to find someone who’d appreciate those suits I don’t use anymore.
  • I’d like to feel great about how I look outside of yoga class.


Doesn’t that feel so much better?

With the “shoulds” in your rear-view mirror, you can now move in the direction of satisfying your desires.

It’s all about Style Self Care.

Here are some tips to get going…

1. Keep your expectations low so your successes have a chance of showing up.

2. Before you have a closet of put-together-outfits, you need to start with just 1 outfit.

Give yourself the gift of time and create one outfit using an item you love wearing.

One outfit equals success!

If this is the biggest issue you have with your wardrobe, keep your focus on this desire to have ready-to-go outfits and next week, create two outfits!

Do you see how this is going to add up?

3. If you have shoes or handbags that need repair, your first tiny step (shoe pun intended!) would be to put them in a bag or box and take them to your car. Easy peasy!

Now you’re already one step closer to being able to wear them again!

On another day, drop them off at your local shoe repair shop. In a week or so you’ll pick them up.

Before you know it, you’ll have them back in your closet and ready to wear. How amazing would that be?!

4. If much of your closet is devoted to clothes that don’t suit your lifestyle anymore, you need to remove them so you can focus on what you CAN be wearing RIGHT NOW.

But that can feel overwhelming right? And wasteful too.

Again, let’s reframe all of that and first decide where you’ll take clothes you don’t use.

How about a church, women’s shelter, or an organization that helps others get back into the workforce? That first decision is SO powerful and will create the momentum to bundle items up and take them to your car.

And thinking about the win-win this will mean (to you + the charity you’re helping out) will give you the energy to follow through.

Okay, so do you see how starting small can lead to big changes over time and how it also takes so much pressure off of you to “do it all, right now”?

Are there other desires on your list?

Maybe there are things that I can help you with. 🙂

Having an experienced professional at your side who is compassionate and understanding is one of the best ways to practice self-care.

So if you don’t want to do this alone, I’d love to be that someone for you!

I can help you realize your dreams of ease, time for yourself, and pleasure in getting dressed.

Message me and we can chat more about taking that first step together.

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself.


What I Would Wear To The Royal Wedding

What I Would Wear To The Royal Wedding

If you’ve been tuned into any sort of media outlet lately, chances are you have been bombarded with talk of the upcoming Royal Wedding. 

I have to admit that I’m not going to watch it live, but I will of course Google the highlights after the fact because like everyone else, I want to see what the Bride wore.

But if I’m being completely honest, I’m even more interested in seeing what the guests wore. 

Can you imagine?! Trying to decide what to wear to attend a Royal Wedding?!


What I would wear to the royal wedding. #royalwedding #meganmarkle #princeharry


It’s stressful enough figuring out what to wear to anyone’s wedding, period. Imagine how stressful it would be to figure out what to wear to a Royal one?!

Which got me thinking…

What would I wear if I were invited to the Royal Wedding?

So this week on the blog, I thought it would be fun to act “as if”.

And of course I spent some time thinking this one through you know, because…well, I take my daydreaming pretty seriously.

And because I am the Queen of mixing and matching and am always looking to make the most out of my wardrobe, not only am I going to share with you (1) what I would wear to the Royal Wedding, but also (2) how I would repurpose that outift into other not-so-royal wedding looks.

Plus, I hoped doing this may give you some inspiration when thinking about what you’re going to wear to that upcoming wedding you’re possibly going to this year.

And of course in keeping with the theme, I’m choosing all of the pieces from some of my fave UK based retailers like Hobbs, Boden, Marks & Spencer, and Dorothy Perkins.

Oh, and if you find yourself “chuffed to bits” about some of my choices, don’t worry…these UK retailers ship all over the world.

Okay, so are you ready for my choice?

Here it is!

My pick would be this Culotte Frill Sleeve Jumpsuit from Marks & Spencer.


What I would wear to the royal wedding. Instead of the typical dress, here is what I would wear. #royalwedding #jumpsuit


You know I love my jumpsuits!

But I also chose this option because I always consider who the Bride is when deciding what to wear.

I love that the soon to be Princess is known for being a little more daring with her personal style than her future in laws (the girl wore a sheer top for her engagement pics!), so I think she would appreciate my choice of something less tradional.

The fact that it’s also purple (the ultimate “Royal” colour!), makes it a WIN WIN if you ask me.

Of course, if I was attending the Royal Wedding, I’m totally taking that opportunity to wear a fascinator – so I’d go with this “Royal” blue one (of course!) and some co-ordinating shoes and sparkly clutch.


What I would wear to the royal wedding. Instead of the typical dress, here is what I would wear. #royalwedding #jumpsuit #fascinator


As promised, I also want to show you how I would style the same jumpsuit for other (non-royal) weddings.

For a “dressy casual” wedding, I’d add in some metallics and of course replace the fascinator with some chunky, but elegant jewellery like this rose gold hammered necklace, a pair of soft rose coloured heels, and then add in a fun handbag that “goes” with the rest of the outfit, but doesn’t totally match.


What I would wear to the royal wedding. What to wear to a dressy casual wedding. #royalwedding #jumpsuit #dressycasual #weddingguest


For a more casual daytime wedding and reception, I’d have more fun with colours and likely go for something like this colourful statement necklacecute gold clutch, and blue laser cut heels.


What I would wear to the royal wedding. Outfit idea for a casual daytime wedding. #royalwedding #jumpsuit #daytimecasualwedding #weddingguest


And lastly. for a more casual wedding like a beach or even cottage venue, my main focus would be choosing some easy-to-walk-in shoes like these blinged out flip flops, then add in a pretty purse and some sparkly bracelets.


What I would wear to the royal wedding. Outfit idea for a casual beach or cottage wedding. #royalwedding #jumpsuit #beachwedding #cottagewedding #weddingguest


And that’s how you make 1 piece work for different environments and occassions – it’s all about how you style it & what you pair with it.

If you have any questions about any of the outfits I put together here or want some input on styling your own wedding guest outfit (or you just want some more general style inspiration), make sure you come on over and join me and the hundreds of other women in my private Style Society Facebook Group – we’d love to help you out!

See you there…



3 Tips for Creating an Outfit Formula

3 Tips for Creating an Outfit Formula

Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. That female Art Director from NYC who wore the same thing to work for 3 years.

They all at some point decided that life would be easier if they just wore the same thing every single day. 

And to be honest, they’re not wrong.

Life for sure would be easier if you didn’t have to stress (or even think!) about what to wear every day. 

But resorting to wearing the EXACT. SAME. OUTFIT. every day?! 

I have a better (and less boring) idea…

What about an “Outfit Formula”?

Three tips for creating an outfit formula. Personal Style that works for you.

It’s way more fun and still let’s you express who you are through your clothing…but it also helps making getting dressed (and shopping!) so much easier and stress free!

Want to know how to do it?

Watch my latest video below with my ‘3 Tips for Creating an Outfit Formula’.

P.S. If you’re looking for some help creating your own Outfit Formula, click here to get in touch and I’ll let you know how we can work together to make it happen. 🙂

7 Tips for Wearing Statement Earrings

7 Tips for Wearing Statement Earrings


Do you love statement earrings but are always worried about looking overdressed?

Or what style to choose?

Not sure what to wear them with?

Seven ways for wearing statement earrings. Tip on how to pick the best earring and what to wear it with. #statementearring #accessories #jewellery #bigearrings


I understand…

You love the look of them but you worry about looking “too much”.

And if you finally get up the courage up to wear bold earrings, what about the rest of your outfit?

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Watch this video to get my top 7 Tips for Wearing Statement Earrings – perfect for beginners.


And afterwards, make sure you come on over to my free Style Society Facebook Group to let me know which tip you found most helpful and/or show me your statement earring selfie!

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone When It Comes To Your Style

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone When It Comes To Your Style

“I really love it, and it looks great on her…but I could never wear it.”

I hear comments like this from women ALL. THE. TIME.

Have you ever said something like that too?

How many times have you said a piece of clothing, outfit idea, or style is “off limits” to you because of some preconceived notion about what you should and should not wear?

Okay, let’s fix that today.

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. Small steps to take your style to the next level. #newstyle #trynewthings #wardrobemakeover


Let’s pretend for a teeny tiny second that you never heard those “rules” or better yet – they never even existed in the first place.

Now what?

Would you now consider trying that piece of clothing, outfit, or style?

Still not sure?

That’s okay. Those “rules” are buried deep.

Want to know the secret to getting started though?

Start small.

For example, let’s say you see a cute dress you love but think it’s maybe “too much” for your current lifestyle or you need a special occasion to wear it.

Well then just dress it down!

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. Small steps to take your style to the next level. How to take a dressy look and make it more casual. #newstyle #trynewthings #wardrobemakeover


Pair it with a casual jean jacket, ankle boots, and some simple jewellery.

Then when it’s time to dress it up, you can always up the WOW factor with a dressier layer, some bolder jewellery and footwear, and a funky handbag.

Or let’s say you like the edgy biker chic look but feel nervous about experimenting with it in your quiet rural town.

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. #bikerbabe #bikerchic #wardrobemakeover

You don’t have to go all out Biker Babe you know! Just add a touch of it to your style with a studded leather bag or cool studded footwear.

Now, one of the biggest ones I hear about when I am working with my one-on-one clients is colour.

So many women are attracted to colour (and they will even decorate their homes with it painting their rooms bright colours and buying big expensive pieces of furniture and accessories in bold colours!). But when it comes to their wardrobes, they’re full of black and other neutrals because they’re too nervous to wear any other colours.

If this sounds like you, I’ll say it again…

Start Small.

If you love bright pink but aren’t ready for it in a sweater, go for a chunky necklace or scarf with hints of bright pink instead.

Or maybe even a handbag!

How to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your style. How to add small pops of colour to your wardrobe. #colour #colourfuloutfit #wardrobemakeover

Listen, I get it…

When it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone, it can feel scary.

What if I do it wrong and look silly? What if somebody says something?

But just for a minute, I would love for you to consider the alternative (aka the potential positive, not the potential negative).

What if you don’t do it “wrong” and trying this new thing made you feel beautiful, excited, and confident in your clothes and how you look?

What if you spent the day getting compliments?

And what if you encouraged just one other woman who saw YOU doing it, to be brave enough herself to just wear what she wants to wear already – without worrying about being judged. #thatwouldbeawesome!

Enough is enough people.

Wear what you want.

It’s that simple.

I don’t care if you think you’re too this or too that…just wear the damn clothes already! 

And if you’re too nervous to jump right in, remember you can always…

Start Small.

After all, the smallest changes can lead to the biggest ones over time.


If you ARE ready to jump right in and make some bigger changes but are not sure where to start, let’s chat. 🙂 

I open up a limited amount of spaces each month for women in the Greater Toronto Area to jump on a call with me for a Style Discovery Session to see how I can help them feel more confident and comfortable in their clothes, and I’d love to schedule one with you!

Just message me at or click here to message me and I will let you know what I have available.

I can’t wait to chat with you!

Simple Ways to Makeover Your Wardrobe as a Conscious Consumer

Simple Ways to Makeover Your Wardrobe as a Conscious Consumer

It’s a new year, which means people everywhere are busy making plans to change their lives.

I have to admit, I have never been one to make a big new years resolution.

I think part of it is because I don’t want to set a goal for myself and then fail/not follow through (and we know the stats about news years resolutions, right?).

But the other part of me that resists it has to do with the fact that I am ALWAYS setting goals for myself and “mini resolutions” throughout the year (so it feels unneccessary to add another one just because it’s a new year).

Saying all of that though, when my friend Kate over at This Mom Loves asked me to be one of the guest experts in her “Expert Advice for Your Best Year Yet” post, I couldn’t resist.

Click here to get advice from yours truly along with other advice from some big names like Deisgn Expert Sarah Richardson, whose advice really resonated with me – the idea of living with less, but better quality items.

She quoted the founder of the Arts & Crafts Movement who once said, “have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Something that I believe should be applied to your wardrobe as well.

If you’ve been reading my posts in recent years or following me on social media, you know how passionate I have become about living with less when it comes to your wardrobe, investing in the best quality clothing you can afford, only buying and wearing what brings you joy, strategically planning your wardrobe and shopping, and becoming a more socially conscious consumer.

And in this coming year, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me around these themes.

But just like New Years resolutions, I understand that all of this can feel overwhelming, time consuming, and maybe even unattainable.

That’s why I think it’s best to do it in small steps – just like my “mini resolutions”.

Like anything else, you have to start somewhere.

And the smallest changes add up over time and often have the biggest impact.


Simple Ways to Makeover Your Wardrobe as a Conscious Consumer. #sustainablestyle #ethicalshopping #livewithless #lessismore #minimalistwardrobe


1. Maybe you are sick of having an overflowing closet of “nothing to wear” and are dying to purge your wardrobe and enjoy a “less is more” closet, but are worried about REALLY having nothing to wear.

No one says you have to toss it all today!

Start off by getting rid of anything that is stained or damaged beyong repair.

Then in a couple months, move on to the pieces that no longer fit.

Then in another couple months, work on removing the pieces that you don’t like to wear, don’t bring you joy, and just don’t feel like you anymore.


2. You are so sick of your entire wardrobe and want to start over, but just don’t know where to begin (or feel like you can’t afford to).

Once again, the key is to start small.

Start with a mini wardrobe detox and get rid of the pieces that are beyond repair, don’t fit anymore, or you don’t even like wearing.

From there, make a “shopping list” of items you need to replace them – you’ll likely discover you need less than you think.

For example, you may do an edit of your closet and get rid of a half dozen tops you never wear anymore, some old jeans that no longer fit, and a couple of belts that are outdated or cracked.

With some strategic planning, you could probably just buy one new quality statement belt, a couple new pairs of jeans, and 3-4 different tops (maybe a couple sweaters, a blouse, and a layering piece) and have yourself a dozens new outfits you love to wear. 

If you’re REALLY strategic about it – you’ll also be able to mix those new pieces with older items you kept in your wardrobe (making those pieces feel new again!).

And of course, if you’re not confident going it alone and want to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible (and save money by making wiser purchases), you can hire a Personal Stylist to help you get there.


3. You are feeling a bit icky or guilty about making all those past purchases from fast fashion retailers and supporting that industry – but feel like you can’t afford better quality pieces.

Again, you don’t have to toss your entire wardrobe and start from scratch vowing to never buy another H&M Sweater or pants from Zara ever again!

In fact, you can become a more conscious clothing consumer AND still wear fast fashion brands. #forreals

One way is to start taking care of the pieces you already own so they last longer. Whether that means buying a sweater shaver to remove all the pills on that H&M Sweater, washing your pieces in cold water only and hanging them to dry so they don’t fade and lose their shape over time, or taking something to the tailor when it gets damaged.

You could also stop supporting fast fashion retailers by refusing to buy their pieces new (at their stores) and only shopping for them at thrift and consignment stores in an effort to keep those pieces out of landfills.

From there, if you want to do a fast fashion detox and stop supporting those types of retailers altogether, but you’re not ready to start paying retail for higher quality brands – go back to those same thrift and consignment stores and purchase higher quality labels there. Off price retailers like TJ Maxx and Winners are great for that too!

Like I said before, the key is to start small.

You didn’t acquire your current wardrobe or habits overnight, so if you’re looking to make changes, it’s going to take some time too.

Once you begin, you may find the small changes enough. Or you may want to go further and bigger.

Oftentimes, the hardest part is just getting started.

If that’s the case and you want some guidance along the way, make sure to come on over to my FREE Facebook Group, The Style Society so I can support you there.

In the meantime,

Here’s to new beginnings (no matter how big or small)!




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