How To Wear Your Summer Clothing Into The Fall

How To Wear Your Summer Clothing Into The Fall

In between seasons can be kind of tricky when it comes to getting dressed.

But just because the temperature is dropping, doesn’t mean you have to switch over your seasonal wardrobe right away or go out and drop a ton of cash on a new wardrobe!

There are so many season-neutral pieces nowadays, that transitioning those Summer pieces into the Fall really just comes down to getting a little creative.

So today I want to share with you some of my favourite ways to make some of your Summer staples work for the Fall.


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vesthow to wear your summer clothing into fall, vest, faux fur vest, white jeans, white after labour day, white after labor day, layering


 White Jeans

Yes, white jeans are a Summer staple, but they can be worn into the Fall (even the Winter).

It all comes down to how you style them.

Those skinny white jeans you wore with sandals and a tank top in the Summer can now make the transition into Fall by adding other soft neutrals like grey, tan, caramel, and denim.

One of my fave Fall looks is pairing my skinny white jeans with a denim shirt, faux fur vest, and ankle boots.


The Sundress

 The key here is layering.

Sundresses are obviously made of lighter weight fabrics, so to make them look appropriate for Fall you just need to add more depth and weight with layers.

So, start with a cute jacket…


sundresshow to wear your summer clothing into fall, sundress, layering, jean jacket, leather jacket


A leather jacket works if the dress is in a darker colour. If it’s lighter coloured dress though, go for a jean jacket.

Then of course, when it’s cooler, you’ll need some tights. If you’re feeling daring, some textured or coloured tights will add some extra personality to the outfit.

Then finish it off with a pair of cute heels or boots. Voila!




Yes, there are ways to do this no matter what your age (of course, keep your body shape and personal style in mind as well).

For example, someone in their 20’s might do it with a printed short, coloured or textured pair of tights, graphic t-shirt, a long cardigan, and open toed booties.

Whereas a woman in her forties may wear them with a pair of opaque tights, a blouse, blazer, and more conservative footwear.


how to wear your summer clothing into fall, shorts in the fall, layering


 The key with this of course is to make sure the shorts are a dressier cut and in a heavier Fall appropriate fabric.

So, there you have it – a few different ideas for you on how to wear 3 different Summer staples into the Fall!

Hopefully this has you looking at your Summer clothes in a whole new light and thinking about other pieces you have that could transition into the Fall.

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Early Spring Fashion Tips

Early Spring Fashion Tips

“Yippee – it’s officially warmer (not quite “warm” yet, but warmer) weather here!

Which means it’s time for some early Spring fashion.

You know what I mean, right?

It’s not quite warm enough yet to break out all the Spring styles, but it’s too warm to keep wearing heavier pieces.

We all know this transition period between seasons can be tricky.

So, to help you put your most stylish self forward and transition your wardrobe between seasons, I’ve put together some early Spring fashion tips for you.


early spring fashion tips


Early Spring Footwear

During early Spring weather it’s too warm to wear your ankle booties and wool socks, but it’s not quite open toe weather either.

And let’s be honest…you haven’t started up your pedicure schedule yet, so the toes need to stay covered for now.

So, what do you do?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to ditch the cool look of ankle booties altogether.

You just may want to do a different style like a perforated ankle bootie or cut out style. Your feet will still be covered up, but you’ll look and feel cooler.


early spring footwear

And if you spent most of your Winter wearing more casual boots like Muk Luks or Sorels with your skinny jeans, nows the time to trade them in for equally cool styles like a pair of oxfords or slip on sneakers.


Early Spring Layering

You know I love my layering!

Not only as a fashion technique (it really adds such cool visual interest to an outfit), but also for practical reasons…I am always cold in the Winter!

But if you’ve been layering shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, and thick scarves in your outfits  – how do you transition the cool look of layering into the warmer months?

The first step is to start looking for lightweight pieces to do it with.

If shirts are your first layer, look for some in lighter weight fabrics.

Instead of thicker knit sweaters or cardigans, look for lightweight silk or cotton versions.

If vests are your thing, skip the heavy faux fur styles and go for a menswear inspired style.


early spring layers

And when it comes to scarves, ditch the heavy ones for lightweight cotton or silk ones.

The idea is simply to keep on applying your same layering techniques, but with warmer weather materials.


Early Spring Outerwear

While it’s nice to say goodbye to that heavy coat you’ve been wearing for months now, early Spring temperatures often still require some sort of coverup to stay warm.

The good news is that there are TONS of options in this department!

You can swap out your long wool coat for a lightweight cotton trench coat.

Or if you’re used to wearing more casual puffer jackets, swap it for a cool cargo jacket, silk baseball jacket, or jean jacket.

early spring outerwear

Don’t forget, even leather comes in different weights – a Spring weight leather jacket could replace your heavy duty Fall/Winter one.

Kimonos offer great third piece options as well.



So, are you feeling more ready for this in between season of fashion known as “early Spring”?

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The Best Fabrics to Wear When it’s Hot Out

The Best Fabrics to Wear When it’s Hot Out

I’m not sure about you, but here in my neck of the woods, it is H.O.T.

And this is just the beginning of Summer, so there are no doubt more (and possibly hotter) days like this ahead.

Now, I would never want to see the weather cramp your style, so I’m sharing my fave 6 fabrics to help you keep cool (but still stylin’) in the heat – along with some ideas on how to wear them.


The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Keep cool and look stylish with these outfit ideas. #eyelet #chambray #linen



Eyelet is an obvious choice for Summer because of all the holes and lightweight material.

Bonus! This fun, flirty fabric has a feminine flair to it that looks great worn casually or dressed up.

A white eyelet dress is a classic Summer piece, and a simple eyelet top with brightly coloured or printed shorts makes a great cute and casual look!

Because of how lightweight the material is though, it’s important to make sure there is some good lining underneath to avoid showing too much! 🙂

 The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Eyelet Summer outfit idea. #eyelet #summerfabrics



Chambray is a type of cotton that feels very similar to thin denim.

A pair of chambray shorts and pretty tank top makes for an easy breezy Summer look.

And for something a little more “done up” – a dressier style chambray shirt with some skinny white jeans and cool shoes is a great look.


The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Chambray Summer outfit idea. #chambray #summerfabrics 


Seersucker is extremely breathable and because of that, makes a great alternative to heavy suit fabrics in the Summer months.

Seersucker is very ‘country club’ and adds a classy air to any Summer outfit and looks great in dresses, shirts, blazers, skirts, and pretty much anything you can think of. 


The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Seersucker Summer outfit idea. #seersucker #summerfabrics



Linen is a popular choice during the Summer because of it’s porous weave that allows heat to escape away from your body and back out into the humid air.

It’s also highly absorbent so it helps keep ugly sweat stains at bay. 

The only downside is its tendency to wrinkle easily, but by making sure to always hang your linen clothing, you can easily minimize this problem. People expect to see linen a little wrinkly anyway; it just adds to its charm.

Always choose loose fitting styles with linen though (because it’s a thin material and thin + tight don’t make for a great combination).

And when it comes to caring for your linen pieces, wash by hand or on the cold cycle.


The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Linen Summer outfit idea. #linen #summerfabrics 


Silk is lightweight, breathable and can add a dressier look to any outfit.

A summery silk top can easily be paired with any type of bottom and silk dresses can be dressed up or dressed down for a warm weather occasion.

The only downside to silk is the extra care necessary for washing.

The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Silk Summer outfit idea. #silk #summerfabrics 


Because cotton is lightweight, comfortable, and soft – it’s a fave in the Summer.

However, cotton isn’t always the best at hiding sweat, so just make sure to avoid tight cotton shirts or dresses on a particularly hot day.

It’s also important to be careful when washing and drying cotton because of its tendency to go from a large to a small.

Skrinkage can be avoided though by making sure the cotton clothing you buy is pre-washed.

The best fabrics to wear when it's hot out. Cotton Summer outfit idea. #cotton #summerfabrics

So, there you have it!

Six different fabrics you should be wearing this Summer if you want to keep cool in the heat.

Plus some ideas on how to style them too!

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