Lisa has helped me to find looks that work with me and my personality.

“Before hiring Lisa as my Personal Stylist, I found that I was making purchases I would never wear, over analyzing what was actually “in style”, and stressing over what to wear.

I did not enjoy the time it took to shop – it would take me hours to find a pair of jeans.

When I first met with Lisa, we talked about what clothes I had in my closet, my budget, what I was looking for, what my comfort zone was with respect to certain style, looks etc. I really felt like Lisa took the time to understand what I was looking for.

I have now worked with Lisa twice – the first was to help my work style, and the second was for a casual/destination wedding looks. I can say without a doubt that both of these sessions have been highly valuable to me in a number of ways – I wear my clothes with confidence.

Lisa picks items that will work different ways (as opposed to one-look only) and I get compliments on my clothing and how I look for the first time ever.

I love how efficient the experience is – instead of spending a day or half day for one item of clothing, with Lisa I achieve so much more in the same amount of time. I walk away with a number of items – all of which I love and within my budget.

Most importantly, I find that I am enjoying fashion again because Lisa has helped me to find looks that work with me and my personality – she’s confirmed for me that I can be both comfortable in my clothing and fashionable.” – Alexandra

I finally enjoy fashion again.

“I was full of inner rules and Lisa helped me to break through them.

I finally enjoy fashion again and wear whatever I feel good in – helping me to once again feel more comfortable in my clothes.

Now I can just reach in my closet and always have something to wear – a woman’s dream!

Thank you Lisa for all of your work, I really appreciate all you have done!” – Meike H

If you want to shop with the perfect mix of style expert + best friend who will be completely honest with you, Lisa is the one you need to get in touch with right now.

“Seventeen year old’s don’t usually need a Personal Stylist, but when you’re appearing on TV and regularly going to meetings, you need to make sure you look the part.

While building my personal brand, I encountered a problem. I had the social media following and the TV segments booked, but I didn’t have “the look”. I found it hard to make sure I didn’t look too young & unkempt, but at the same time I didn’t want to look like I was trying to be someone I wasn’t or too “stuffy and dull.” I needed to find the perfect balance and even Pinterest couldn’t help!

When I first messaged Lisa, she instantly understood what I needed – even better than I did!

Lisa took me shopping and worked her magic by compiling the perfect mix of outfits together for me, and was able to make me look more professional, but stay youthful and hip at the same time. The best part was she was able to help me understand how to style and shop for myself in the future and mix and match pieces to create complete outfits.

After shopping with Lisa, shopping and putting together outfits was no longer a stressful experience, but it became fun!

If you want to shop with the perfect mix of style expert + best friend who will be completely honest with you, Lisa is the one you need to get in touch with right now.

Thanks again Lisa for everything!” – Patrick 

I now have a closet full of colour and I no longer stress about what to wear!

“I hate shopping – everything about it! I always second guess my purchases and have spent a fortune buying certain pieces, and then they don’t go with anything in my closet. What a waste of money and time! So, I was excited when my husband purchased Lisa’s services for me as a gift.

She picked tops, bottoms, dresses, and even accessories right off the rack for me and they all fit! Everything was all co-ordinated as well and she even gave me ideas on items to look for in the future when I was ready to add on to my new wardrobe.

Lisa was an absolute delight to work with. She picked items I would have never considered, and now I have a closet full of colour and I no longer stress about what to wear!

Plus, now I am also getting lots of compliments, which is a nice bonus.

Lisa, I can’t thank you enough!” – Colleen

NEVER has shopping be so un-frustrating!

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for everything lately – the cherry on top was the shopping. NEVER has shopping been so un-frustrating!

I love all my new clothes and have pieces in my wardrobe now that I would never have gotten if it wasn’t for you and your amazing talent. Thank you!” – Shannon 

I have so many new outfits to choose from!

“Lisa didn’t try to change my style – she worked with the style I was comfortable with, but took it to a whole new level.

Thanks to Lisa, I love my new clothes and have so many new outfits to choose from now! I feel much more confident and would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a Personal Stylist.” – Janice

 I now feel like I can express my true personality and style.

“Getting dressed for an event could send me into a tailspin of self-doubt, which would always be a bummer. The night of my book launch for example, was at Saks in New York City, and had me on the verge of tears. I should have been celebrating as I prepared, but instead I was panicking.

Well, thank goodness for Lisa! After that rock bottom moment, I decided enough was enough and I handed the sartorial reigns to Lisa and it was one of the best moves ever! In less than an hour, Lisa made sense out of my entire dilemma and nailed several genius solutions.

I now feel like I can express my true personality and style and feel prepared for anything – whether that’s running into someone at a coffee shop (and not feeling sloppy) or making a national TV appearance.

Now, a few inches of fabric will no longer hold me back from expressing my full potential in the world.

Thank you, Lisa!” – Ophira

Thank you for taking me from matronly to modern.

“If you’re looking to for a quick way to take years off your appearance or find a wardrobe that is comfortable and stylish, Lisa can help.

I was a little surprised that it was so easy and affordable, getting out of my comfort zone was actually quite comfortable.

Thank you Lisa for taking me from matronly to modern…you’re the best!” – Deborah

 I no longer stress about what to wear.

“Lisa took me to stores I would have never gone to and opened my eyes to what is out there and works for me.

Since working with Lisa, I’ve been getting lots of compliments and people asking me what I’m doing differently.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to makeover their wardrobe – feel so good about myself now and no longer stress about what to wear.” – Clare

Before working with Lisa, I was in a real style rut.

“Even though I was excited about working with a Personal Stylist, I was also worried I would be pushed too far outside of my comfort zone – but that wasn’t the case with Lisa.

Yes, Lisa did pick out pieces I would have never given a second look – but once I tried them on, I LOVED them!

Before working with Lisa, I was in a real style rut. But thanks to her, I have now been introduced to new stores that fit my style and budget and I can’t wait to go shopping again! I am also now more open minded to trying new colours, styles, and even prints!

I also really liked and appreciated that whenever I tried something on, Lisa would give me her honest opinion and never tried to force me to buy something I was unsure about. She also respected my desired budget the entire time too.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Lisa to anyone looking for Personal Stylist. I had a great time, am so happy with all of my purchases, and love my wardrobe again!”

– Maryann

Thank you for taking the stress out of shopping for both of us! 

“I used to love shopping for clothes for my wife, but over the years it has become increasingly frustrating. The sizes are so different in all the stores now and time and again, we would both become disappointed when the things I bought for her just didn’t fit.

So, this year for Christmas, I decided to give my wife the gift of some time with Lisa – and I am so glad I did (and so is my wife)! Lisa did an amazing job and my wife and I are thrilled with everything Lisa picked out for her.

Lisa, thank you for taking the stress out of shopping for both of us!” – Erwin

For the first time in my adult life, I actually love my wardrobe! 

“Lisa, I can’t thank you enough! Being self employed, I LOVE knowing that I am presenting the image I want to present to my clients.

For the first time in my adult life, I actually love my wardrobe.” – Bonnie

I love that Lisa can do all the work for me, and do it a billion times better than I ever could.

“I’ve contemplated pulling a “Steve Jobs” – same turtle neck and jeans every single day – but where is the fun in that?

I feel like my life is pretty complex in some ways (owning a business, being a mom of 3 boys), sometimes I need help with the basics – like getting dressed! I don’t have the time, energy or fashion savvy eye to think too much about what I’m wearing.

So I love that Lisa can do all the work for me, and do it a billion times better than I ever could.” – Christine

 I keep getting compliments like “you’ve lost weight” & “you’re glowing”.

“Lisa, thank you so much for you help!

It has been over a month now since we went shopping and I have not repeated even one combinations that you arranged yet. Getting ready for work is like a breeze.

I keep getting compliments like “you’ve lost weight”, “you’re glowing”, “I love your necklace”, or “that dress looks so nice on you”.

Thank you so much for all your help.” – Subha

I’m kind of loving the number of compliments I get.

“The biggest difference I have noticed since working with Lisa is the amount of time I save getting ready and shopping.

And I’m kind of loving the number of compliments I get – from the people I work with, friends, and even from total strangers – telling me I look really great and asking me where I shop and how do I put outfits together.”

– Barbara H

Lisa was 200% worth the expense!

“As soon as I received Lisa’s online interview questionnaire prior to our shopping session, I knew I had made the right decision in hiring a Stylist. I could tell from her variety of questions about my life and fashion preferences, that Lisa really wanted to truly know and understand me as a person.

In the end, the outfits Lisa picked for me made me look like a version of myself I had always imagined and hoped for, but could never create on my own. Her looks made me feel more confident and stylish. They soothed my inner unhappy teenager who had never quite known what to wear, and who had always been jealous of those girls who could always put together killer outfits. I became one of those women, thanks to Lisa. That meant so much to me.

The best part was showing the outfits to my husband. He had been skeptical of me hiring a Stylist in the first place, but afterwards said Lisa was 200% worth the expense.

He thought all the outfits were amazing, that both the colours and shapes were well suited to me, and he was so glad I took the initiative in hiring Lisa. So much so that he suggested the next time I need to update my wardrobe, that I don’t bother doing it on my own, and just to call Lisa! HA HA

So, if you want a Stylist who will really get to know you and who is friendly, compassionate, and extremely talented…Lisa McLatchie is your lady!” – Alex

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