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Psychology of Colour as it relates to the clothing you wear


Colour can be used in so many ways when it comes to getting dressed.

  • It can be used to bring attention to a specific area.
  • Detract from other areas.
  • Compliment your skin tone.
  • And even express your Personal Style.

But it’s also important to understand the different messages that different colours send.

Because once you are clear on the type of message the colours you are wearing are giving off, you can then start to use them to your advantage.

In business meetings, interviews, networking, dating, with your clients, or even with your children!

So, let’s start with the basics…

The Neutrals


Though technically not a colour, black is one of the most popular choices in clothing.

Primarily because it is easy to wear, co-ordinate with, and is always available,

When it comes to the psychology of colour – black projects authority, power, mysteriousness and timelessness. 

If you need to be taken seriously in a meeting, black may be a good option.

If you wear too much black though, you may be viewed as unapproachable or untouchable.


Another “non-colour”, white is a very clean and simple hue and is often associated with purity and hope.

White has reflective properties and can be hard to stare at though.

So be careful if you need to be the focus of a meeting or conversation.


Grey is a great colour because it is considered extremely neutral and conservative.

It’s also the only neutral that doesn’t elicit a strong physical or emotional reaction.



Brown tones (like chocolate, caramel, or tan) are seen as dependable, responsible and genuine.

Thought of as a very earthy colour, people are more likely to trust someone wearing brown.

Now, let’s talk about bolder colours!



Red can be seen as quite intense, passionate and aggressive.

Seeing the colour red can cause a physical reaction that actually raises your pulse…making it a very powerful colour.

Red also has the longest wavelength, so it appears to be closer to us than it actually is, 

Which is why it demands attention and is the first colour the eye goes to.



Associated with sunshine, yellow is full of positivity and happiness.

Yellow is the colour that has the strongest positive emotional effect on people, making it an ideal colour to wear on a dreary, rainy day because it can raise your energy level and the energy levels of those around you.



Orange is very vibrant and full of energy.

Considered a “friendly and inviting” colour, it represents abundance and physical comfort.

Be wary of wearing too much orange though as it can give the impression that you can’t be serious or lack focus.



Green symbolizes nature and prosperity and can project a calm, conservative, and stable image.

Because green is in the center of the colour spectrum, it is seen as extremely balanced.  

When you need to project an impartial and reassuring image, green is the go-to colour.




Blue is another calming colour that also symbolizes loyalty and security.

It is a mentally stimulating and productive colour.

So if you need to get your to-do list in check, throw on some blue.


Purple represents royalty, sophistication, spiritual awareness and wealth.

Because purple is not a common colour found in nature, it can appear “fake” to some.

It is also an extremely creative colour and promotes deep contemplation.

Fascinating, right?

Now that you know which colours elicit different responses, you can start to have some fun.

Experimenting with different colours to see what works best for you.

And if you’re wondering which colours are the most flattering for your unique colouring, message me here to find out more about my Colour Analysis Sessions in Toronto.

In the meantime…

Go have some fun experimenting with colour!



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