I am willing to bet that you currently own (or at one time in your life have owned), a leather/pleather jacket.

But what about leggings? A dress? A skirt?

There seems to be this universal nervousness about wearing those types of leather pieces.

I’ve heard it all…

I don’t want to look like a biker.

It’s fine for an evening event, but I can’t wear it during the day.

I’m afraid it will make me look trashy.

Well, I am here to tell you, there IS a way to wear leather/pleather pieces during the day (and even to work!) without looking like Sandy from Grease. All it takes is one specific styling technique. Want to know what it is? 


What does that mean exactly? Pairing your leather pieces with something from the opposite end of the style spectrum.

Leather is sexy, edgy, and a little tough.

But pairing it with pieces that are more classic, casual, quirky, and feminine will ensure your leather looks more classy than trashy.

For example, with a tight pair of leather leggings/pants, try an over sized sweater with some cool sneakers. Or go for a super casual plaid shirt with a long vest.

leather leggings outfit


When it comes to a leather dress, go for a more classic colour to tone down the sexy vibe. Then add an open style cardigan in a fun colour with some statement shoes. Or instead, layer a fitted turtleneck underneath and do it in a really soft and feminine colour to soften up the look of the leather dress.

leather dress outfit


When it comes to leather skirts, the first key to making sure they look more classy than trashy is to wear them with opaque tights. Then add a looser style sweater with a cute graphic on it and a unique piece of jewellery, and you’ve got a fun, playful look. Or for a more classic cool look, add a denim shirt with a preppy plaid scarf.

leather skirt outfit


And there you have it – how to make your leather look more classy than trashy.

So, are you ready to start wearing more of this Fall Wardrobe staple? 

What will it be for you? Some leggings, a dress, or a skirt?

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In the meantime…

Happy Styling!