Whether you work at home and have the occasional client appointment OR you work outside of the home in a traditional office setting – dressing for work can be a bummer.

Besides having to navigate how to dress professionally while also staying true to your personal style, there’s also the problem of trying to find something comfortable to wear.


After all, you spend a lot of your time at work and you also likely spend the majority of that time sitting in one spot (not to mention more sitting while commuting to work and back), so you want to be comfortable in your clothes – literally.

That’s why I want to share with you 3 of my top outfit ideas for work that are not only office appropriate, but comfortable as well.


Three office appropriate outfit ideas. Outfit ideas for work that are also comfortable to wear. #outfitsforwork #businesscasual #workwardrobe


1. Tailored Pants + Longer Top

When I say tailored pants, I mean a very slim leg style (almost skinny) that has some stretch for comfort – just make sure they are in an office appropriate print or a darker colour that works for the office.

Now, if they are super skinny with no zipper or button closure at the waist, you will want to treat these like leggings, so make sure your top is long enough to cover your crotch and bum.

Then just add a pair of heels and some jewellery to dress it up.


2. Shift Dress + Long Vest

A shift dress (or an A-line style) is about as comfy as they come without adding extra bulk to your frame.

Add a long tailored vest and some cool shoes that reflect your personality and voila – funky and functional!


3. Belted Kimono + Knit Skirt

Starting with a straight or skinny knit skirt (knee length or midi length) add a fitted top and then layer a kimono style jacket over top of that.

Belt the kimono jacket to add some tailored shape to your outfit and pair with some cute booties and accessories and you are good to go!



Three office appropriate outfit ideas. Outfit ideas for work that are also comfortable to wear. #outfitsforwork #businesscasual #workwardrobe #tailoredpantsandlongtop #longvestwithdress #kimonoasablazer


There you have it – 3 comfy but totally office appropriate looks you can start wearing right now.

And if something doesn’t feel like your style, just play around with it until it does.

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Happy Styling!




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