When I meet someone new and they find out what my profession is, I always get a response along the lines of…

“Oh no! You must be mortified at what I am wearing!”

I’m also often asked if I’m always “checking people out” to see what they’re wearing.

Well, my answers may surprise you.


What I really think about your outfit. A confession from a Personal Stylist. #whattowear #whatnottowear


The short version is, No and No.

Now for the longer version…

I really don’t really care about what you’re wearing.

Or what anyone else is wearing for that matter.

There, I said it!

What I do care about though is if you DO NOT feel comfortable or confident in your clothing.

Getting dressed is something we all have to do every day.

Well, unless you’re a nudist, iIn which case you probably don’t have any confidence issues!

Back to my point though…

We all get dressed EVERY DAY and if getting dressed is something you struggle with more often than not and you don’t like what you’re wearing or how you look in your clothing – it is undoubetedly going to have a negative effect on your self esteem.

That’s what concerns me.

That’s what I care about.

That’s why I want to help.

So, if you live in the Toronto or Durham Region area and would like my one-on-one help, message me here to get started. We can even work together virtually if you don’t live in either of those areas – message me to find out more.

And if you’re not ready to commit to working one-on-one just yet – don’t worry, I have lots of resources that can help too!

1. Sign up here for FREE access to my ‘Style Made Simple‘ online library to get my best (and FREE!) downloadable style guides. Did I mention they’re all FREE?! 🙂


What I really think about your outfit. A confession from a Personal Stylist. #whattowear #whatnottowear #freestyleresources #stylemadesimple


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There’s something for everyone (and every budget) and no shortage of ways I can help you!

You CAN feel great about how you look and what you’re wearing.

And if you’re already feeling great and are rocking your Croc’s or strutting around in your stilletto’s, good for you!

Because if you feel good about YOU and what you’re wearing, then who cares?

Certainly not me. 😉