1 Day Style Intensive

Toronto, Durham Region, and Virtually




And if it isn’t doing that for you?

It’s not you, your weight, your body, or your age.

It’s the clothes that are the problem.

So, whether you’re an Entrepreneur starting to get noticed in your niche, a Mom looking to get her mojo back, a busy professional who has no time for shopping, or a woman at any stage of life who has finally decided to make herself a priority – I’d love to help you with your style & wardrobe needs.

And guess what? I can do it for you in a day!

Don’t let the word “Intensive” scare you off, I do most of the work.

It’s intensive in a good way – because we start in the morning and by dinner time, you have a new wardrobe and outfits for the season. TA DA! 

Here’s how we do it…


Whether we’re working together in person or virtually, all new clients begin with a Style Consult.

This takes place the morning of your 1 Day Style Intensive and is a super important part of the process because it helps me get to know all about you before reviewing your closet or making any clothing recommendations – I want to know about your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, your style struggles, and how you want to look and feel in your clothing.

Don’t worry, I have a questionnaire that I use to help us get to the bottom of it all and some fun style tools and exercises too!

Once we’re done, we’ll have a clear vision for moving forward – knowing the best cuts, prints, patterns, colours, and style details that will make up your unique Personal Style formula.

BENEFITS: Finally understand why certain items work for you and others don’t. Discover your unique Personal Style and how to confidently express it through your clothing/outfits.

* For in person clients, this session takes place at your home.

* For virtual clients, this session takes place via video chat.


Following your Style Consult, we’ll immediately head straight to your closet so I can find out even more about you.

Using the information gathered during your Style Consult + understanding why you gravitate toward certain pieces in your wardrobe, I’ll gain even more insight into your style and how we can make your wardrobe work better for you.

I’ll first ask you to show me some of your typical go-to outfits along with other individual pieces you love (this includes clothing, shoes, and accessories).

After that, I’ll also look through your closet with you to review the pieces you’re not wearing or loving as much – maybe you’re bored of them, they no longer work for your lifestyle, they’re outdated, they don’t fit, or you’re just stumped about how to style them.

Once we’re done going through everything we’ll have decided what can stay and what can go.

From there, I will show you how to restyle some of your fave pieces into different outfits you may have never considered before. 

As we go through this process, I will also be taking notes of the items you need to add to your wardrobe to make the most of it and take your style to the next level.

BENEFITS:  Be able to shop with ease knowing exactly what you’re looking for and stop wasting money on items that won’t work for you or your wardrobe. Learn simple but powerful styling techniques that will take your outfits to the next level.

* For in person clients, this session takes place at your home.

*For virtual clients, it takes place via video chat.


Now that we know your Personal Style, have gone through your wardrobe, and created a shopping list and strategy – it’s time to shop! 

Well, time for me to shop…

Because you get to take a break after your Wardrobe Review (have lunch, do some work, or just chill out) before meeting me later in the afternoon at a mutually agreed upon shopping location.

The location we choose will be based on your personal style, budget, size, and the pieces we need to create a wardrobe that works for you.

And the best part? You don’t need to wander from store to store looking for the perfect items.

By the time you show up for your session, I will have already selected your pieces – you just have to head to the dressing room and start trying them on!

Together, we’ll decide what works and what items you should purchase, and which ones we can leave behind.

Once we’re done, you’ll have everything you need to take your style to the next level and complete your wardrobe.

And if for whatever reason, there was something we couldn’t find during our time together – I will happily search for it online for you afterwards.

Shopping doesn’t get any easier than this!

BENEFITS: Having a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear that can be mixed and matched with one another to create a variety of outfits. Discover new stores to shop at that you may have never considered before.

* For in person clients, we will meet at a local shopping destination.

* For virtual clients, I will do your shopping online and send you the links to purchase items. Once you order and receive your pieces, we will schedule another video call for you to try them on and get my feedback.


Using pictures of the pieces from your current wardrobe + the new pieces purchased, I will create dozens of outfit ideas for you and put them into a digital Outfit Lookbook (this will be sent to you within 48hrs of our 1 Day Style Intensive).

Save it to your phone or print it off and keep it in your closet and never again worry about figuring out what to wear. #onelessdecisiontomake

By having this file, it also makes things so much easier should you want my help adding to your wardrobe in the future.

BENEFITS: Stop stressing about what to wear and look effortlessly put together all the time.

* For in person clients, I will take all the pictures I need to create your Outfit Lookbook during your Wardrobe Review & Shopping Session.

* For virtual clients, I will need you to take pictures of your current wardrobe and send them to me. Don’t worry, you don’t need to take pictures of EVERYTHING – I will let you know what I need.



Client Consult
Wardrobe Review & Strategy


Client Consult
Wardrobe Review & Strategy
Shopping Session


Client Consult
Wardrobe Review & Strategy
Shopping Session
Outfit Lookbook


"I now LOVE getting dressed in the morning, it's so fun! And for the first time ever, I actually enjoy shopping." - Megan

"I had one of my Mom friends stop dead in her tracks today when she saw me - she had to ask if it was really me! Then she said I looked GORGEOUS! So, Outfit #1 is a success." - Jennifer


"I am loving my new clothes and your inspiration about mixing prints. To say that I am excited about clothes again is an understatement. I feel like I am looking at clothes in a new way."
- Stephanie

"This past weekend went above and beyond my expectations and I just wanted to thank you for everything. The Lookbook is amazing! I love it! Honestly, thank you so much." - Julie