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How many times have you told yourself that you “can’t wear” something that you really would like to wear, just because of your body shape?

It’s something I hear ALL. THE. TIME. from my one-on-one clients, the women in my online programs, and the women in my private (and FREE) Facebook Group, The Style Society.

And I have to be honest, it makes me pretty sad.

I hate the fact that some women feel an entire style of clothing is off limits to them just because of their body shape or because of a perceived “flaw”.

Don’t get me wrong, many of us have things we wish were different about our appearance.

Myself included.

But to go so far as to deny yourself the pleasure of trying something that excites you because of your shape?

Or even worse, avoiding wearing something that keeps you cool and comfortable (like a pair of shorts or a shorter skirt in the hot summer weather) because you feel the need to hide your legs? 

For a long time in my business, I have gone through phases of avoiding the topic of dressing for your body shape because I find that it just adds to the obsession us women have with picking apart our bodies and defining how we choose to dress.

But I am trying to change my mindset on that.

Instead of looking at giving “dress your body shape tips” as a negative thing, I am going to start to share more tips on how to make certain styles work for you no matter what your shape and how to amplify your assets – hoping that it will make you feel more confident and willing to try new things.

But I want you to do something for me in the meantime and it involves changing your mindset as well.

I want you to find one thing you LOVE (or at least can really appreciate) about your body, and SHOW IT OFF!!!

Focus on the positive. Amplify your assets. Be grateful for the good stuff.

If it’s your great legs, show them off in that shorter skirt!

If it’s your shaped waist, show it off in that wrap dress!

If it’s your bust, show if off in that fitted top!

If it’s your sexy collarbone, show it off in that scoop neck top!

If it’s your curvy hips, show them off in those skinny pants!

Whatever it is…


If you can just start there, I promise, the other stuff (your perceived “flaws”) won’t seem like such an issue because all of your attention (and everyone’s else’s) will be focused on what you’re showing off…not what you’re trying to hide.

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