When it comes to shopping for clothing for myself and my family, I have always LOVED shopping at off price retailers like Winners because I like being able to purchase higher quality items for less + I find it easier to shop there rather than the local mall (yes, I’ll show you why).

And when I personally get a compliment on something I’m wearing, the majority of the time it’s something I purchased from Winners.

But when the person complimenting me finds out where I got my clothing from, I usually hear some version of:

“I can NEVER shop there!”

“My sister/friend/colleague gets the coolest stuff there all the time – but whenever I go, I can never find anything and leave empty handed. I must be going at the wrong time.”

“I don’t have the patience to shop there – it’s way too overwhelming.”

Can you relate?

If so, then you’re like a lot of my clients!

In fact, one of my regular clients works for an off price retailer and even she is continually shocked at the amazing pieces I find for her during my Winners pre-shopping sessions. #truestory

I love off price retailers so much that even when I am shopping for my Sort, Shop, & Style clients – who I shop for at a major Toronto mall before meeting with them at my private Styling Suite – I will ALSO do a “bonus” pre-shopping session for them at a local Winners or Marshalls and bring those pieces to the Styling Suite for them to try on as well.

And you know what? 

My clients ended up loving those Winners finds so much – they started suggesting to me that I should offer Winners Shopping Sessions!

So, here we are!

Part Shopping Trip, Part Education Session

During a Winners Shopping Session, you and I will shop together for some great new pieces for your wardrobe, while I also show you HOW to shop at this amazing off-price retailer!

Step 1: Getting Started

Once you message me to let me know you want to get started, I will send you a link for payment (which holds your requested shopping date & time) as well as a Style Assessment form.

At this stage we willl also schedule a pre-shopping session video call (Step #2) to get to know one another better.

Step 2: Virtual Chat

We’ll meet face to face online to go over your Style Assessment and so I can find out more about your likes, dislikes, wardrobe needs, sizes, budget, etc.

During this time we will also decide which Winners location to meet at (this will be based on what is closest to you + my knowledge of the best Winners locations).

Step 3: Shopping Day

We’ll meet on our scheduled date and for 2 hours, I will help you shop for new pieces and outfits – while giving you my top secret tips for shopping at Winners.

Note: I will go to Winners before your arrival time so I can scope out the store and do some pre-shopping –  so when you get there, the cart will already be filled with special finds chosen just for you!

Step 4: Happily Ever After

You purchase what you like and leave Winners with some great new pieces and outfits, ideas of what to look for in the future, and a newfound knowledge on how to navigate what I consider one of the best places to shop.

Shopping made easy – TA DA!

$295 +HST

(does not include cost of clothing)

Message me at lisa@lisamclatchie.com to get started

Client Love…

Lisa, you have such a bigger message than just “here are some clothes to wear” (I could probably google that and find that out). I love that your work as a Personal Stylist is so much more than that – it’s about confidence and how it effects how we’re contributing to the world and really showing up (for ourselves and others).

I don’t think fashion is frivalous is anymore and I love how you have re-framed how I think about clothing. It’s not about spending a ton of money on clothes or spending all my time thinking about what I’m wearing, it’s more internal. It’s a way to take care of myself.  

I talk alot in my business about that airplane mask analogy and how we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others, and this has showed me and reminded me that it doesn’t have to take that much time to take better care of myself. And what I wear is a big part of that.

Now all those other things I was just “too busy” for before – like eating better, execising more, taking better care of my skin – have become easier too.

– Megan F., Business Growth Strategist @ meganflatt.com


Are all Personal Stylists the same?
Hmmm…are all Hair Stylists the same?

Don’t you hate when someone answers a question with a question? 🙂

Seriously though, you know the saying “You get what you pay for”?

Well, you could pay absolutely nothing and go to your local department store or shopping mall and work with a “Personal Shopper” there who makes all (or at least the majority of) their income based on how much you purchase, but that may leave you wondering whether or not their advice and suggestions were really objective.

Don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing “wrong” with this and you may walk away with some fun new pieces you may have never considered before. But in all honesty, you could likely get the same end result for free if you found some well experienced retail sales staff that can show you around a store.

If you’re looking for a higher level of service and transformation though, with an experienced Personal Stylist & Image Consultant who is going to put in the time wanting to really get to know you, review your current wardrobe, create a strategic plan for making over your style and wardrobe, and support you throughout the entire process and beyond, then I’m your girl.

There is alot of work involved in what I do that comes before and after the actual shopping day – including research and pre-shopping – and for that reason, I don’t charge by the hour. My package pricing is based on the successful end result my clients get and the ease and speed at which I help them get there.

How many outfits will I have by the end of this and how much will I have to spend?
That varies depending on the client and service booked.

I have worked with women with a $300 budget for the season, up to a $5000 budget for one single shopping session.

During the initial process of getting to know you, we will discuss your overall budget and your comfort level with different prices points, and I promise to always stay within those parameters. Pinky swear.

In terms of how many outfits or pieces you will have by the end of this, again, that depends on your budget and the service package you choose.

How long does this service take from beginning to end?
Between the “getting to know you” call and the actual time together on our shopping day, roughly 2.5 hrs of time together.

However, I will also be doing work before our time together like researching outfit ideas and pre-shopping before you show up for our shopping session.

What if I don't like anything you pick out for me?
Great question!

I am proud to say I have been doing this work since 2008 and have worked with hundreds of women since that time, and this has never happened.

I will be completely honest with you though…

I can count on one hand the number of times I have worked with a client who didn’t end up with as many items as she had intially hoped to get.

The common denominator among that handful of women though, was that they were dealing with body image issues that could not simply be erased with a “magic dress” or “secret style of pants”. There were much deeper body image issues going on.

If you feel like this may be you, drop me a line and we can chat about whether this is the right time for you to be hiring a Personal Stylist or not.


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