You truly are one. of. a. kind.

But you already knew that, right? Good.

You’re probably doing some pretty amazing things like building a business, becoming the “go to” expert in your industry, climbing the corporate (or creative) ladder, raising tiny humans – or all of the above. 

Whatever it is, you’re rockin’ it!

But when it comes to your Personal Style and your wardrobe, you’re not feeling as confident.

And it’s likely stressing you out.

Let me fix that for you, okay?

Here’s how…

Option #1: The Wardrobe Refresh

A personal styling & shopping experience in the Toronto area, to update your current seasonal wardrobe and coordinate your new pieces into head to toe outfits

Imagine opening your closet to a collection of clothes that you love to wear AND that you can easily combine with one another to create a variety of outfits? 

The Wardrobe Refresh will get you there – quick. 

After a totally relaxing and fun afternoon with me in my private styling suite, you will walk away with a new seasonal wardrobe (for your professional OR casual life) created JUST FOR YOU that will leave you feeling confident, put together, and at the top of your style game every single day.

Perfect for: local business owners, online entrepreneurs, executives, creative professionals, tv personalities, and stay at home moms

Option #2: The Complete Wardrobe Makeover

An exclusive personal styling & shopping experience in the Toronto area, to makeover your entire seasonal wardrobe – for every area of your life. 

Imagine always feeling confident and looking put together no matter where you’re going or who you’re seeing? 

The Complete Wardrobe Makeover will get you there.

In less than 2 weeks, I will help you makeover your entire seasonal wardrobe for all areas of your life (professional AND casual) so that you will always feeling confident, put together, and at the top of your style game every single day – in every area of your life.

Perfect for: anyone who wants (and needs) to look amazing & feel confident everyday but is too busy to spend their valuable time & energy shopping or thinking about what to wear 

Before hiring Lisa as my Personal Stylist, I found that I was making purchases I would never wear, over analyzing what was actually “in style”, and stressing over what to wear.

I did not enjoy the time it took to shop – it would take me hours to find a pair of jeans.

When I first met with Lisa, we talked about what clothes I had in my closet, my budget, what I was looking for, what my comfort zone was with respect to certain style, looks etc.

I really felt like Lisa took the time to understand what I was looking for.

I have now worked with Lisa twice – the first was to help my work style, and the second was for a casual/destination wedding looks. I can say without a doubt that both of these sessions have been highly valuable to me in a number of ways – I wear my clothes with confidence.

Lisa picks items that will work different ways (as opposed to one-look only) and I get compliments on my clothing and how I look for the first time ever.

I love how efficient the experience is – instead of spending a day or half day for one item of clothing, with Lisa I achieve so much more in the same amount of time. I walk away with a number of items – all of which I love and within my budget.

Most importantly, I find that I am enjoying fashion again because Lisa has helped me to find looks that work with me and my personality – she’s confirmed for me that I can be both comfortable in my clothing and fashionable.” – Alexandra


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